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Traveling has always been part of Danny’s life. Moving to Hong Kong, China a few days after he turned two and traveling the Orient and Europe set the cogs rolling in his mind that would never stop. The ocean, sailing, flying and music have been a constant passion for Danny. He started piano lessons at age two in Hong Kong and started performing four.

The Leftist Riots in 1967 led to the Revolution of 1969 and made Danny’s family flee Hong Kong, to England and then to Key Biscayne, Florida. His family finally settled in Los Angeles, California the summer of his eighth year 1971. There, he made numerous piano performances at his school, church and with his various bands. By age 13 he was in a professional band that performed in and around the Los Angeles area.

He started getting local notoriety early on but by around 1981 he was playing some of the biggest names in the Los Angeles club scene, such as The Troubadour, Madam Wong’s and Madam Wong’s West, Whiskey a Go-Go and others.

Getting tired of the big city, his love of surfing took him to Hawaii but after a short while he was back to the mainland playing keyboards and acting as Musical Director for several of the old *Motown acts. Touring life ended in 1986 when Danny returned to Los Angeles, married Korin Norton and opened his recording studio. From there he produced many musical acts, composed and recorded sound-track music for TV, film and commercials as well as his own music. In 1988 Danny’s ties to the Motown world ended while recording a record with Sly Stone when Sly unfortunately couldn’t get over his addictions. Sly was arrested and sent to jail on cocaine charges. The album they were working on ended up being an unreleased LP and Danny moved on.

Over the next few years Danny made a dramatic change as far as the public was concerned. The change was more to the style of what Danny wanted to do from the start. Danny is and always has been a surfing, sailing, barefoot, beach style guy. In 1993, he and his wife set sail from Los Angeles, California for the tropics aboard their sailboat, Makai. They sailed from Los Angeles to Miami via the Panama Canal. After a few years in Miami they left their boat behind and headed back to Oceanside, California.

In Oceanside, Danny opened another small recording studio and produced a few soundtracks, several commercials and several albums. In 2003, after being blessed with two children, Danny and his family set sail again on the family boat. They spent a few years exploring both coasts of Florida as well as many island in the Bahamas. Beautiful memories were made inspired many songs. A few hurricanes later, Danny and his family moved to Lafayette, Louisiana where Danny worked as Captain on the Off Shore Supply Ships in the Gulf of Mexico. After recording other peoples’ music for so many years Danny finally put himself first! He released his album “A Change Will Do You Good” in September of 2014. He has many other recordings close to completion so more albums can be anticipated in the near future.

Danny is now a resident of the State of Alabama but also resides part of the year in Florida. He is still an accomplished pianist, but he now performs mostly on acoustic guitar. He records his own **music and he often plays all of the instrument parts himself. Korin Norton Taddei helps with harmonies and some of his old band mates perform on some of his recordings via Internet connection.

*A shortened list of the Motown acts included: Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals for Little Dion Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals for The Coasters Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals for Bobby Day Studio recording – piano and co-writing with Sly Stone and James (Gat) Gadson

**Please refer to the recording notes located with each album and to the band page for specific recording credits of each individual song and players that might have performed on them.