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Booking information:

On Stage:
Danny performs as a solo act, duo, trio or full band depending on the budget, venue’s desire and space available. As a solo act, Danny can play with his instrument alone or with backing tracks.

Q: How far in advance should I call to book Danny?
A: Contact should be made as soon as possible. No commitment is necessary to check the availability of dates and the earlier planning starts, the more likely it is to secure the date you need.

Q: How long does Danny’s show last?
A: Danny show usually lasts about 1 ½ hours, however he can play longer with breaks or shorter if the occasion calls for it.

Q: What is your fee?
A: Pricing varies depending on the location of the venue, length of the show, musicians and crew that accompany Danny, and equipment needed along with other. A quick call will allow us to give you an estimate and with a few details an exact price. Please call to discuss the details: (850) 449-6808. This number may forward or have a voicemail answer but someone will get back to you shortly if you leave a message.

Q: What is the deposit?
A: In most cases a 50% deposit will be required and payment in full will be expected on the day of the performance.

Q: What is the preferred method of payment?
A: Visa/MaserCard/ DiscoverCard, PayPal, check, cash, Direct deposit.