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(This is week 10 my PHriends :)
Morning Waders!!!!! another beautiful day here on Shore Life as I'm just throwing some of my favorites and your requests into queue while I'm getting some work done... Hope you enjoy. Congrats to our Top 20 Most requested artists this week!
Danny Taddei, Mack Meadows Guitar, Dayglo Red, Randy Moore Music, Donny Brewer Music, Barefoot" Reggie Starrett, Robin Tricker, The Detentions, Eric Erdman Music, Boomer Blake & The ShoreBreak, Todd Donnelly, Christopher Dale, Dani Hoy Music, Don Middlebrook - singer/songwriter, Pirate Dreams, A1A, Allen Wronko, Brittany Kingery, Donald James the Third Coast Cowboy, John Patti, Nadirah Shakoor, Tina Gullickson
Have a Great Week!!!

Director of wanderlust. Teacher in the love of palm trees, hammocks and sun soaked tropics. Beach chair specialist. Sailing apologist and beggar of radio airtime and rum. Also known to play guitar, piano, marimba, steel drum and other noise making devices.

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